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What is Geography and why is it so important? This is the very question we ask our students when they first walk into geography and during their time with us in key stage 3 and up to GCSE, AS and A2 we answer this in as much depth and detail as possible. Our students enjoy and are encouraged to explore all the different elements within geography as a subject covering a great variety of topics from weather in the UK to Cyclones in Burma.  We study issues such as quality of life in the local area, to discussions and debates on how the Amazon rainforest and other forests for the world should be managed. We explore the benefits and issues of the Chinese One Child Policy and look at how our population is ageing rapidly. We investigate and assess the impact of earthquakes and volcanoes in varying parts of the world and how flooding is now part of our British weather. 

All students produce models, posters, leaflets, booklets, and participate in debates, presentations, teaching students, questioning and use ICT whenever possible. 

Each classroom has a projector, classroom computer and an ipad. 

Our Students explore not only topics in the classroom but out and about in the UK. A few places we have visited in the past: 

  • Birmingham 

  • Colchester 

  • Conwy 

  • Dorset 

  • Flatofrd Mill 

  • Forest of Dean 

  • Isle of White 

  • Leamington Spa 

  • Leicester 

  • Llandudno 

  • London 

  • Norwich 

  • Norfolk 

  • Nottingham 

  • Overstrand 

  • Stratford 

  • Suffolk 

  • Warwick 

As a department we provide plenty of extra-curricular support including after school clubs and sessions to help A level, GCSE and key stage 3 students with their work.