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The Mathematics Department is dedicated to developing students’ resilience, enjoyment and problem solving skills. There are four maths classroom with interactive whiteboards and a computer room (shared with Science). The department are highly enthusiastic about mathematics and this is reflected in their approach to teaching and learning. The work is both rewarding and challenging and we employ a range of strategies to engage and inspire students. This includes annually entering pupils for the UK Maths Challenge (UKMC). 

The maths department encourage independent practice and provide online tools such as Mathswatch ( to support this.   The main recommended website are available to view under the links on the right.  In lessons, is also used to show accurate graphs. 

In addition to standard school equipment students require the following: 

  • A protractor 

  • A pair of compasses 

  • A scientific calculator 

Recommended calculators: 

  • Aurora AX-595TV Calculator 

  • Casio FX85 range 

  • Casio fx-991EX Classwiz (suitable for both GCSE and A Level) 

There are a few models that students will repeatedly use.  These include the bar model, ratio tables and balancing scales. 

Bar Model 

These are normally used in fractions, decimals or percentage questions. 

e.g. Finding ¾ of 500 grams. 

Ratio Tables 

These are used for ratio and proportion topics mainly, but may occur elsewhere too. 

To get from the starting number to the end, you need to multiplying and/or dividing 

e.g. Changing a recipe serving 8 people (needing 600 grams of pasta) into a recipe for 20 people 








Balancing Scales 

These are used for solving equations.